The Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership, Inc. (DFP) is pleased to announce the establishment of the Downtown Fond du Lac Fund of the Fond du Lac Area Foundation.  The downtown Fond du Lac central business district is the heart of our city.  It is here in the heart of our city where tourism thrives and locally owned businesses keep the pulse of Fond du Lac beating.  It is here where celebrations and commemorations take place.  Where memories are made and our children and grandchildren play.  It is our community center.

The DFP supports the central business district of the city of Fond du Lac, and over the past 12 years, the DFP has reinvested over $250,000 into downtown, but there is much more that can be done.

The DFP has established the Downtown Fond du Lac Fund of the Fond du Lac Area Foundation to aid in the improvement and beautification of downtown Fond du Lac.  You may choose how your gift will be directed through two options. The Non-Endowed portion is set up to put your investment to work immediately. The Endowment portion becomes part of the DFP’s permanent fund where only the interest generated will be distributed.  Both assure the continuance of the revitalization of our historic downtown.  Monies from all donors will be pooled to fund projects on a larger scale, or you may choose to specifically designate your investment for a particular purpose. Those purposes may include: riverfront/river walk beautification, funding for the design and construction of public art, annual Christmas decorations, landscaping, grants for building improvement project and improvements to historic properties, and more.

The Downtown Fond du Lac Fund is designed to be a long term solution in funding public improvements.  The Fond du Lac Area Foundation manages and invests these funds.  A volunteer board of directors governs the funds, and their distributions.  Gifts to the foundation are tax-deductible.

Your investment in downtown Fond du Lac is a gift to the entire community.  Donations large and small protect the integrity of spirit and place in Fond du Lac.  Together we can strengthen the social and historic heart of Fond du Lac for years to come.

Downtown Fond du Lac Fund