Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership Mural Project

The Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership Mural Project objective is to increase awareness and understanding of local art. Our aim is to present an affordable and accessible art experience for people of all ages, to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Fond du Lac, to promote our downtown as a cultural destination for visitors, artist and residents as well as provide a showcase for local artists and beautify and enliven the downtown Fond du Lac streetscape.

Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership Utility Box Art Project

The Utility Box Art Project is taking ordinary objects of urban infrastructure and transforming them into canvases for local artwork. These vibrant pieces incorporate art into the downtown landscape, create visual interest, and support local artists as the Fond du Lac arts scene continues to grow. In the first two years of the program 18 installations have been completed. After receiving positive response and interest from the community, the program will be expanded beyond the downtown district and into neighborhoods within the City of Fond du Lac.