Working Together for You

The Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership is dedicated to bringing people, activity, and business to the heart of Fond du Lac. Downtown Fond du Lac has an atmosphere that is welcoming, friendly and enjoyable. We hope you will come and see for yourself all that downtown has to offer.

Our Mission

To establish a diverse, prosperous and healthy district that is the social, commercial and cultural heart of the community.

Vision Statement

Downtown Fond du Lac will be the local and regional designation that will serve as the cultural and economic hub of the city and surrounding areas. Our financially successful downtown will present a clean, safe and friendly environment that has broad appeal.

Downtown Fond du Lac will have an atmosphere that is welcoming, comfortable and enjoyable through its attention to historic preservation, restoration and development. Downtown will include a healthy and unique mix of businesses, including retail, professional services, dining and entertainment. The downtown’s streetscape will be modern and well care for, while at the same time paying homage to its heritage.

The public will have great awareness of all that downtown Fond du Lac has to offer, and the community will support efforts to maintain a high quality of life for residents, businesses and other stakeholders.