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Downtown Fond du Lac Wine Walk

Holiday Wine Walk

The Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership has decided to postpone the Holiday Wine Walk until it is determined that this event can be held in a safe and responsible manner. 

Thank you.


During the Wine Walk, Fond du Lac’s downtown businesses become “tasting rooms” where attendees may sample different wines. Stroll from business to business exploring what downtown has to offer and shop for the holidays while you sip from your souvenir glass.

Select your 10 wine samples (2 ounces) from the numerous options available at different businesses throughout Downtown Fond du Lac. You're sure to find something you enjoy. 

Choose your ticket based on your tasting preferences:


If your tastes lean towards the sugary sweet side, like Gewürztraminer, Moscatos, Rieslings, then this is the ticket for you. Your drink choices throughout the night will keep your sweet tooth happy!


If the thought of all that sugar makes you pucker up and long for a glass of dark, dry Saramago, Merlot, or Cabernet, then the dry ticket is the one you'll want. You'll explore wines that have high and low tannin counts and a range of dark and light coloring, but through it all the sugar content will stay low.


A variety of non-alcoholic, unique, unexpected beverages will also be served for those who wish to purchase the designated driver ticket.


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