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DFP Website Style Guide

Please read the following before adding content to this new site.

Web page < title > fields

Generic structure

[page name] - [site name]


  • The site name should be either "Downtown Fond du Lac" or "Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership" depending on what the page is about.
  • Use a hyphen to separate the page name from the site name


  • "Downtown Parking" page

    Downtown Parking - Downtown Fond du Lac

  • "Board of Directors" page

    Board of Directors - Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership


Web page filenames

Use hyphens to separate words

Example: "Get Involved" page

  • Correct: get-involved.html
  • Incorrect: get_involved.html
  • Incorrect: getinvolved.html

Every word in a page's name should be in its filename

Example: "A Wisconsin Main Street Community" page

  • Correct: a-wisconsin-main-street-community.html
  • Incorrect: mainstreet.html
  • Incorrect: wisconsin-main-street-community.html



  • When copying/pasting content from the live site, please clean up the formatting and the HTML because the live website's HTML is messy. Alternatively you can use the Paste as Plain Text button in the WYSIWYG Editor and then manually recreate any formatting, but this will also remove any links from the content, so you'll need to recreate those, too.
  • As time allows, please change any in-page links that point to pages in the dfp/ subdirectory. The original URLs will be redirected on this new site, but it's better to update the content with the new URLs.

Images & PDF files

  • Images and PDF files do not need to be re-uploaded or re-linked even if they exist in the dfp/ subdirectory because those files will not be moved or redirected for now.
  • New images and PDF files (if any) should be uploaded to the new CMS site.

Subpage Banner Images

  • New subpage banner images should have the same filename as the page they go on. They behave like they do on our bank websites where if no image is uploaded for a given page, the site looks for an image named after the page's parent, and so on up the navigation tree. It defaults to the about-us.jpg image if it can't find any images.
  • The images should be uploaded hi-res because the site will resize them automatically.
  • The should all have the same dimensions and be much wider than they are tall.
  • 2000x700 works pretty well.
Some content requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.