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THINK BIG. Shop Small.

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Want to win $500 by shopping downtown? It’s easy!

This Holiday Season the Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership is making it easy to choose shopping small.

The Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership is offering $500 in downtown gift certificates to one lucky local shopper this holiday season. $500 gift certificate prize winners will be announced in January 2022. 

The DFP wants to emphasize the importance of shopping small and shopping local all year round. The holiday season is an especially busy shopping time and we invite you to think of downtown Fond du Lac first. There are a variety of unique, locally-owned businesses that offer personalized services and products.

  1. Shop in Downtown Fond du Lac and keep all your receipts.
  2. Staple all of your receipts (or copies) to an entry form.
    (Pick up an entry form at downtown businesses or click here to download a PDF.)
  3. Drop off your form and all of your receipts at 131 S. Main Street, Suite 101, or send by mail. Entries may also be emailed to

You will receive one entry for every $10 you spend downtown between November 1 and December 31. 

Entries must be received by December 31, 2021. 

Click here for full sweepstakes rules and details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Do I need to submit a separate entry form every time I spend $10?

A) No. Save your receipts all season long and then staple them all to one entry form. We'll do the math for you and give you one entry for every $10.

Q) I submitted my receipts, but now I spent another $10. Can I get another entry?

A) Yes! You can submit your receipts as many times as you would like over the course of the entry period, but be sure to read the answer to the next question to understand the details!

Q) Will you add all of my receipts together?

A) If you submit all your receipts on one entry form, then the answer is yes. $30 spent at numerous locations would give you a total of 3 entries. However, if you submit numerous entry forms over the entry period, the math will be done for whatever receipts are attached to each form. For example, if you spend $18 and submit your receipts and an entry form to the DFP on November 30 and then spend $12 and submit those receipts with another entry form on December 30, you will receive one entry from November 30 and one entry from December 30 for a total of two entries, even though you would spent $30 total. Based on the number of entries we receive for this contest, we simply do not have the staffing to merge your entries into one. To avoid this problem, we encourage you to submit all of your receipts with one entry form.

Q) Do receipts for gift certficates count?

A) Yes! Also, purchases of Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership gift certificates qualify as well. 



Christmas Decorations

Main Street Decorations

Many thanks to the City of Fond du Lac for their partnership in our Main Street lighting, garland, and bows. This year's decor includes garland wrapped light poles and new shiny red bows on the top of each pole. The bows reflect the sunlight, keeping downtown cheery during the daytime, while the LED-lit garlands brighten the streetscape during the long winter nights. 

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