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Downtown Fond du Lac Mural Art

The Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership Mural Project objective is to increase awareness and understanding of local art. Our aim is to present an affordable and accessible art experience for people of all ages, to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Fond du Lac, to promote our downtown as a cultural destination for visitors, artist and residents as well as provide a showcase for local artists and beautify and enliven the downtown Fond du Lac streetscape. 


Mandala Flowers

David Carpenter, Erin LaBonte & Don Krumpos

82 N. Main

Mandala FLowers was created by a team of artists to bring hope, sunshine and a very photographable location to downtown Fond du Lac. 


Graffiti Love

Christine Lehto of Rosendale

48 n. Portland - Portland street parking ramp

"The inspiration for Graffiti Love  came from a conversations with an art friend... That sparked the creation of trying graffiti in watercolor and ink."


Eye on You

Mindy Leitner of Fond du Lac

74 S. Main - pocket park

"I have always loved owls. Growing up in Fond du Lac, my parents taught me the sounds of owls. We often went out walking in our neighborhood at night following an owl's call, hoping to catch a glimpse of one high in a treetop. It was usually a Great Horned Owl, and often there were a pair calling back and forth. To this day, I will go outside looking for owls when I hear them at night."


In the Distance & Sun on 151

Wanda Yuhas Weller

corner of division and portland

Pictured on the left is Sun on 151

Pictured on the right is In the Distance



Michele Schneider

macy street parking ramp

Artist Michele Schneider painted the piece in appreciation of "The simple beauty and appreciation of all life's little things". 


Guitar Medly

Angela Boeder

258 S. Main street

This painting was created to represent the artist's love for music. As an art form, an outlet, a lifeline. The world would be a bleak and colorless place without the gift of music. The artist used bright/bold colors and strokes to represent the boldness and brilliancy of this art form as a whole. 


Utility Box Art Project

The Utility Box Art Project is taking ordinary objects of urban infrastructure and transforming them into canvases for local artwork. These vibrant pieces incorporate art into the downtown landscape, create visual interest, and support local artists as the Fond du Lac arts scene continues to grow. In the first two years of the program 18 installations have been completed. After receiving positive response and interest from the community, the program will be expanded beyond the downtown district and into neighborhoods within the City of Fond du Lac.


Utility Box Artwork Locations

Intersection or Landmark Title and Artist
Marr & 2nd Lakeside Park Flower Beds by Barb Zahn
Marr & 1st Fondy's Music Scene by Ray Fehrenbach
Marr & Division Historic, Iconic Fond du Lac by Stephanie McGuire
Macy & 1st Sailboats by Ray Fehrenbach
Main & Division Transfiguration by James Floyd
Division at Chase Bank Cat Box by Samantha Nelson
Macy & Division My Watercolor Palette by Mary Millin
Hamilton Park Lakeside Delight by Christine Lehto
Main & Forest The Power of Wind, Water and Light by Alice Tzakais
Main & 1st Nosy Neighbor (West Side) & Milk Bath (East Side) by Sarah Newton
Main & 2nd Dog Days of Summer (West Side) & Coco Cow-nel (East Side) by Sarah Newton
Main between 2nd & 3rd Winnebago: Above and Below by Pat Reiher
Main & Western Lakeside Park by Casey French
Macy & 2nd Giddy Up by Joellyn Dahlin
Macy & 4th Strike up the Band! by Joellyn Dahlin
Macy & Forest Multicolored Medallions by Christine Lehto
Main & Johnson Windsurfing and Kiting on Lake Winnebago by Alice Tzakais
Main & Reese My Turn Next by Anthony Pazos

Click the links to jump down the page to your favorite piece or use our interactive Google map to explore!

Worldly View

Barbara Ball of Fond du Lac

corner of 9th and main

"I paint because it's fun and messy! I love painting acrylic pours because everyone sees something different in them. It's almost a spiritual feeling that comes into my soul when I create a painting. I get excited about all the possibilities waiting for me on the blank canvas. It's like starting fresh everyday! It makes me happy to see others happy and enjoying my work."


My Turn Next

Anthony Pazos of West Allis

Corner of Main and Reese streets

"I enjoy painting kit-themed works of families out having time away from the tv and computer games."


Marr and 2nd Utility Box

Lakeside Park Flower Beds

Artist: Barb Zahn of Fond du Lac

Located at the corner of Marr and 2nd Streets

"My inspiration for this piece of artwork was Lakeside Park. The beautiful flower beds that are planted near the lighthouse and throughout the park inspire me. In the upper area I have placed blue waves which remind view of Lake Winnebago."


Marr and 1st Utility Box

Fondy's Music Scene

Artist: Raymond Fehrenbach of Oshkosh

Located at the corner of Marr and 1st Streets

"[My artwork was inspired by] Fondy's music scene & night life & the people that support the arts!"


Marr and Division Utility Box

Historic, Iconic Fond du Lac

Artist: Stephanie McGuire of Fond du Lac

Located the corner of Marr and Division Streets

A version of this piece is available for purchase at Gallery & Frame Shop.


Main and Merrill Utility Box


Artist: Raymond Fehrenbach of Oshkosh

Located at the corner of Macy Street and 1st Street

"[My inspiration was] celebrating Fondy's relationship with water/boating & sports."


Main and Division Utility Box


Artist: James Floyd of Fond du Lac

Located at the corner of Main and Division Street

"Transfiguration is about mankind's search for enlightenment, refining our minds and bodies, and moving forward with positive actions."


Division at Chase Bank Utility Box

Cat Box

Artist: Samantha Nelson of Fond du Lac

Located on Division at Chase Bank

"Everyone loves cats and they're always popular in illustrative imagery because they are playful and cute... [this box is] a 3D cat experience!"


Macy and Division Utility Box

My Watercolor Palette

Artist: Mary Millin of Fond du Lac

Located at the corner of Macy and Division Streets

"My Inspiration is the world around me in Fond du Lac."


Hamilton Park Utility Box

Lakeside Delight

Artist: Christine Lehto of Rosendale

Located in Hamilton Park

"I love visiting Lakeside Park and going to the lighthouse on a sunny day. It is also fun to sit in the park by the lake and watch the pelicans. I wanted to include subjects that I enjoy the most at Lakeside Park."


Main and Forest Utility Box

The Power of Water, Wind and Light

Artist: Alice Tzakais of Fond du Lac

Located at the intersection of Forest and Main Streets

"This painting illustrates the power of water, wind and light. It expresses the beauty of Lake Winnebago without realistcially portraying every element. The focus on figurative objects and joyful adventures on the water is expressed with playful color combinations and patterns."


Main and 1st Utility Box

Milk Bath (East Side) and Nosy Neighbor (West Side)

Artist: Sarah Newton of Fond du Lac

Located at the corner of Main and 1st Streets

"I moved to Wisconsin from the East Coast and have discovered a whole new world of gorgeous, sprawling farms and awesomely quirky animals. I love to paint farm animals (mostly cows). I love their personalities and their variations in colors. Art can evoke so many emotions, but my favorite to try and capture is joy and humor. Humor in art is accessible to a wide range of people and age groups. It levels playing fields and hopefully brings in new people to experience art."


Main and 2nd

Coco Cow-nel (East Side) and Dog Days of Summer (West Side)

Artist: Sarah Newton of Fond du Lac

Located at the corner of Main and 2nd Streets

"The Corgi submission is inspired by our dog-friendly Farmers Market! I could see bunches of pups enjoying ice cream in the sun downtown."


Main between 2nd and 3rd Utility Box

Winnebago: Above and Below

Artist: Pat Reiher of Fond du Lac

Located on Main between 2nd and 3rd Streets

Living on Lake Winnebago, I have had the joy of witnessing and participating in many of the activities it provides! I love the lake, water, and all it gives to us above and below its surfaces!"


Main and Western Utility Box

Lakeside Park

Artist: Casey French of Fond du Lac

Located at the corner of Main and Western

Fond du Lac's "iconic lighthouse at night."


Giddy Up

Giddy Up

Artist: Joellyn Dahlin

Located at the corner of Macy and 2nd Streets

“This original photograph pays homage to the landmark carousel at Lakeside Park.”“This original photograph pays homage to the landmark carousel at Lakeside Park.”

Strike Up the Band!

Strike up the Band!

Artist: Joellyn Dahlin


“Everyone loves a parade! This original photograph showcases the precision and hard work of the Fond du Lac High School Marching Cardinals.”

Multicolored Medallions

Multicolored Medallions

Artist: Christine Lehto


“I am enthusiastic about color, shape & pattern. This piece signifies many ideas coming together as one unifying design. It was inspired by a composition that I painted on the cover of my art journal.”

Windsurfing and Kiting on Lake Winnebago

Windsurfing and Kiting on Lake Winnebago

Artist: Alice Tzakais


“This painting portrays the beauty and energy of windsurfing and kiting on Lake Winnebago. Be blown away with the playful color combinations and patterns that embrace this delightful water sport!

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