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Onyx Yoga


Access our current class schedule online. All classes are drop in and ongoing. You can begin anytime.

Sunday 8–9:15AM
Monday 8–9:15AM, 4:30–7:30PM
Tuesday 6–7:15AM, 5–6:30PM
Wednesday 7:45–9:15AM, 4:30–7:30PM
Thursday 4:45–7:30PM
Friday 6–9:30AM
Saturday 8–9:15AM

About Onyx Yoga

Onyx represents new beginnings, as well as protection from negativity.

Just as opposites need each other, the sun and the moon, black and white, we all need harmony in balancing our lives. Whether you find it through hot power or slow and relaxing, we encourage you to listen to your body and find what works best for you. We promote empowerment to help you find what you need to reach your true authentic self.

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