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Life Enforcement Our Community. Our Lives. Our Responsibility.

About Life Enforcement

Life Enforcement is a new charitable community services and volunteer project. Life Enforcement is focused on finding new and creative ways to inspire those of us in the community to get involved in giving back, volunteering and building a better quality of life for all.

Life Enforcement recognizes that so many people have giving hearts and would love to get involved in charitable events and or volunteer work. But becoming a full time member of an organization may not be feasible in our busy lives.

This is why we enjoy the "crowd sourced" event format. Where Life Enforcement organizes a charitable event, and you can simply find a way to lend a hand by voluteering your time. With no obligation to have to be involved in any future event. Although, we obviously would welcome back repeat helpers.

Life Enforcement believes that we are all responsible for the quality of our lives and that of our community. We are a new non-profit organization and we look forward to finding exciting ways to make a difference in...

Our Community.
Our Lives.
Our Responsibility.

Life Enforcement
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