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Hotel Retlaw


1 North Main Street



  • Group Rental Available
  • Public Meeting Rooms
  • Wi-Fi
  • ATM


Front Desk is open 24 hours / 7 days a week

About Hotel Retlaw

Hotel Retlaw opened in 1923 during an era of incredible social, artistic, and cultural excitement. This remarkable hotel embraced the Roaring Twenties and all that happened during this unique time in history—the Neoclassical revival period peaked, and flappers redefined feminine style. Jazz music was all the rage, and there was a sense of excitement in the air. Hotel Retlaw, a “Grande Dame” in its’ own right, embodied an unmistakable style of timeless elegance combined with a modern edginess.

Today, Hotel Retlaw is poised to retake its rightful place as one of Wisconsin’s elite hotels and a preferred destination for dignitaries, and celebrities. Original hallmarks still characterize this iconic treasure in central Wisconsin, and the hotel has undergone an unprecedented renovation that will preserve the historical significance and aesthetics of the iconic property, while infusing it with contemporary luxury.

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