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Learn about the advantages of doing business in downtown Fond du Lac.

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The Retlaw Plaza

The Retlaw Plaza is a historic landmark, listed on the National Register of Historic Places; that’s what makes The Retlaw Plaza so unique and cherished by Downtown Fond du Lac. As this week’s featured BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT,

The Retlaw Plaza is the perfect place to spend a relaxing holiday with the entire family, yet conveniently located for the busy executive. Shopping, entertainment and restaurants are just a few steps from its entrance at 1 North Main Street.

Here’s what The Retlaw Plaza’s Elizabeth Perron had to say regarding her historic workplace:

“As soon as you step into our grand, two story lobby with crystal chandeliers, to the time you retire for the evening in the comfort of your guest room, you will feel right at home at the Retlaw Plaza.  Fond du Lac's premiere hotel combines the elegance of the old with 21st century technology, including wireless internet powered by Ethostream, which is accessible throughout the hotel. Whether you are eating dinner in our neighborhood friendly Mancino's Downtown restaurant, attending a wedding or conference in our beautiful Crystal Ballroom, enjoying a drink with friends in our MidTown Pub, or promoting a healthy lifestyle in our Ramada Health Club, we are sure you will enjoy all of the amenities our property has to offer.”




Everybody loves pizza, right? That’s exactly why we’ve chosen Domino’s in Fond du Lac as the next BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT. Located on 301 S. Main St. in downtown Fond du Lac for over 30 years, Domino’s offers delicious pizza delivered right to your door until midnight or later, every day! But that’s not the only great aspect of our local Domino’s: what makes it unique are the employees. Here’s what Casey Ritchie, Domino’s trainer and local marketer had to say about her business and how they’re doing their best to try and break stereotypes, one pizza delivery driver at a time:

“The stereotypical ‘pizza guy’ is a young college-aged fella, often cast as someone with no ambition or character. Here at the Fond du Lac Domino’s, we work to break that stereotype. One of our former drivers recently graduated from Marquette Law School, and at the time was the youngest lawyer to pass the bar in the state of Wisconsin. We have had a number of others join various branches of the military, moving around the world to serve their country. A group of former delivery drivers set out to be entrepreneurs, showing great drive and ambition to find their own way in this world. Domino’s Pizza helps foster lifelong job force skills, such as timeliness, efficiency and working both independently and as a team. We plan to be part of the Fond du Lac community for many years to come, doing our part (however small) to create a strong and growing workforce.”



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