Cherry Pie Rocks Backstage

January 19, 2018

Backstage Bar & Grill
9 PM
Backstage Bar & Grill (101 N Main)

Cherry Pie is a fun, family-friendly festival band with over 15 years of experience. Cherry Pie plays all of the biggest “Hair Band” hits and ballads of the 80’s, in addition to a few anthems from the 70’s. Cherry Pie prides itself on putting on the most “Over The Top” show by employing a top tier sound, lighting, and special effects crew.

With lots of crowd participation, it’s easy to see why Cherry Pie shows are always heavily attended. In addition, alcohol / beverage sales are regularly ranked at the top of those events.

Cherry Pie is a great bunch of guys and will provide all of the necessary tools to help make your event a success.

Communication. Accountability. Professionalism. Rock! ☺

W.A.M.I. Award Winning Band, Madison Area Music Awards Winner for People's Choice for Best Cover Band, Shepherd Express Winner for Best Cover Band of Milwaukee, Best Rock Band, plus many more.