Out of My Head

December 13, 2017

Ubuntu Art Space
11 am - 7 pm
Ubuntu Art Space

"I am foremost a painter, but also a poet. My focus is on abstract shapes and color with a strong undercurrent of in my head landscapes. I live on the East Shore of Lake Winnebago where my upstairs studio windows look out onto the ever-changing lake as well as the edge of woods and farmland.

I have been inspired by painters, Gerhardt Richter, Richard Diebenkorn and the Fauvist painter, Gabrielle Munter and many more. I am a self-taught artist without formal education in the arts, but have studied the abstract painters all my life. Story and language are the thrust of both my paintings and poetry. Some mystery below the obvious surface is what I strive for, but without any kind of plan. I pick color, move shapes around and see what happens. The unexpected in a piece of art of any kind is what I treasure". ~MW

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