Urban Art Night Take #4

November 18, 2017

Riverwalk Art Center
2-4 PM
Riverwalk Art Center (33 W 2nd)

Hey friends!!! This time around we are going to be painting some pre-made ceramic pieces! I have been dying to do something with clay and since it takes 3 classes to make our own, I felt this was the next best alternative :) We are also doing this one on a weekend so that the busy bodies that work during the week have a chance to join us this time around! Get your smiles and creativity on and come have some fun :)) The event will cost $30 and you will be keeping your work of art! All proceeds are going to the Riverwalk art Center. Pay at the door! The choices are between a coffee cup, a plate, or a small bowl. You can design and paint it anyway you see fit. All levels of art ability are welcome and encouraged to join us. I can't wait to see everyone!