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Inmate Money Consulting & Software

About Inmate Money Consulting & Software

The primary business of IMCS is to help correctional institutions manage inmate money. In December 2011 IMCS under President Suzanne Lechner assumed ownership of the technical division of CCW (Correctional Computers of Wisconsin) and all aspects of its KeepAccount software product. Ms. Lechner had over 20 years experience with CCW and working with correctional institutions and inmate money for jails and prisons across the United States, Australia and the HMP Prison Service in England. She understands the unique problems prisons encounter tracking inmate money.

IMCS has the philosophy that "things can always be made better" and that is very true of the KeepAccount System. New operating systems, new hardware devices and the potential of the internet make this an exciting time for IMCS. We are looking forward to meeting the challenges the future holds for tracking inmate money.

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