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The Twisted Warrior


Access our current class schedule online. All classes are drop in and ongoing. You can begin anytime.

About The Twisted Warrior

Hot Power Yoga is an intense practice that appeals to everyone from the working professional to the stay-at-home parent. This style of yoga taught in a room heated to 90 degrees focuses on movement, balance and intention to heal, detoxify and exhilarate the body and mind. The Twisted Warrior offers a dynamic and challenging yoga practice that combines strength, flow and spirituality. Classes are taught in a fun, uplifting and inspiring way. We feel music is an important and popular element of each class. You will hear anything from new age to hip hop. Come have fun, relieve stress and nourish your soul!

Upcoming Events

Pull up a Chair Yoga

11 AM
The Twisted Warrior (61 N Main)

Chair yoga starts Thursday, March 22 at 11:00. This will be a class designed to enable everyone to practice yoga for lifetimes. Lenore Gerhartz will guide you through a gentle class while you are seated. Many of the poses can be adapted to the floor/mat if you are able to get to the floor. So, if you know someone who would benefit from this class please spread the word. If we have a great response we can add it on Tuesdays. Cost: 5$ drop in, but for those over 70, FREE. Respond to this post if you are interested so I know how many chairs we will need. This is going to be fun. Monthly members Free.

March Yoga Circle

11 AM
The Twisted Warrior (61 N Main)

Please join us for our second yoga circle. This is a very informal group that meets to talk about yoga. The topic for this group the Eights Limbs Of Yoga and how we can follow this path to enlightenment in the times that we live. There is no charge for this group.

Assist or Resist

11 AM
The Twisted Warrior (61 N Main)

This 5- hour workshop is geared towards yoga teachers looking to enhance their teaching with assists and students looking to improve on their overall alignment within a pose. Within these 5-hours we will: break down some common yoga asanas; discuss the ethics behind assisting a class; as well as practicing the assists. A basic understanding of the foundation of the pose is beneficial prior to participating in this workshop. Cameras optional to capture the set up and assists. Time: 11-4 cost $89. Please sign up on Schedule Bliss under events.

What is a Chakra with Cathy Goehler

9:30 AM – Noon
The Twisted Warrior (61 N Main)

Wondering what a chakra is?
How do they work? How do I balance them?
Then this 3 hour workshop is for you!

Learn how revitalizing the chakras can improve your health and energize your body.
We will look at each of the 7 main chakras and how the effects of yoga, color, oils and crystals can bring harmony to your physical and subtle body.

We will begin with a 1 hour chakra balancing flow class followed by 2 hour chakra talk and Q&A, and end with an energy healing practice.

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