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The Twisted Warrior


Access our current class schedule online. All classes are drop in and ongoing. You can begin anytime.

Sunday 8–9:15AM
Monday 8–9:15AM, 4:30–7:30PM
Tuesday 6–7:15AM, 5–6:30PM
Wednesday 7:45–9:15AM, 4:30–7:30PM
Thursday 4:45–7:30PM
Friday 6–9:30AM
Saturday 8–9:15AM

About The Twisted Warrior

Hot Power Yoga is an intense practice that appeals to everyone from the working professional to the stay-at-home parent. This style of yoga taught in a room heated to 90 degrees focuses on movement, balance and intention to heal, detoxify and exhilarate the body and mind. The Twisted Warrior offers a dynamic and challenging yoga practice that combines strength, flow and spirituality. Classes are taught in a fun, uplifting and inspiring way. We feel music is an important and popular element of each class. You will hear anything from new age to hip hop. Come have fun, relieve stress and nourish your soul!

Upcoming Events

Fall Equinox 2018

8 AM
The Twisted Warrior (61 N. Main)

This Fall Equinox practice will be even more special than our typical 108 sun salutations, because we are adding some Yin to top it off.

This will be one of only 2 days in the year where night and day will be of equal length signifying that the balance between light and darkness is shifting.
There is a natural tendency during this time of transition to reflect upon what part of our own lives might be out of balance and how we can cultivate more balance mentally, emotionally and physically.

Adding some Yin is a wonderful way to regain some centering and embrace the changing seasons. Autumn is a time for letting go. To surrender. To release. To exhale.

This Fall Equinox helps bring us into alignment with nature. It assists in letting go of habitual negative thought patterns and opens us to new potential.

Remember, as always, to gently and respectfully find your edge, remain still when you are there and always, always…breathe!

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